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Genre: City Management/Trainer
Developer(s): ネコ
Current Version: 0.63
Translation Status: Active
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eraAS is a city management game that incorporates RPG mechanics. Also includes modular sprite work and some animations.


The player is the leader of a post-apocalyptic city. To manage the city, they must recruit new residents (who are strangely mostly, if not all, female) and assign them different jobs and roles. These residents will then develop the city over time, increasing their contribution values, unlocking facilities and the level of the city itself. The player can receive a resident's [Consent] to start having sex by earning their trust by solving their various troubles, though there are ways to force yourself on certain residents as well. Once the player has started to rendezvous with residents, they can make those residents submit to them into three different dispositions: Devoted, Lover, and Slut, with each of those having different requirements.

There is also a light RPG system where the player can send units out to various stages to scout those areas, becoming able to earn various spoils and can even unlock new races to recruit.

Events occur at the end of every day (turn). These events will depend on various factors such as which of your residents are you actively allowing to get events, and their stats and disposition.

More information about menus you can find on EraAS menus explaination page


Game are turn based. Every turn are finished with [102] - Advance Time or [100] - Randezvous menu. Other actions that can end a turn include: [300] - Defend (from Raid events), [0] - Scavenge (from the Disposal Site Facility), and [112] -【Warning】 (from other Player Spy event). Every turn All [TP] are fully restored and city being developed by [Surface Society] and [Underground Society]. [106] - Scouting can be used once per every turn.

Full day cycle contains two turns: Morning and Evening. Every day part of [AP] and [SP] are being restored. Events, problem solving, raids and relic research advance at end of each day. [100] - Randezvous and [106] - Scouting events have different turn system

Frequently Asked Questions[edit]

Where do I find game guide? How to learn the basics?

Most answers can be founded in translated [202] - Guide menu.

What's the quickest way to unlock [100] - Randezvous stuff?

Go to the cafe, get a prostitute from the [1111] - Recruit New Resident gacha with an Easily Submits trait, then spam Persuade until she [Consent]. (Later in the game you unlock the option to recruit residents that already [Consent]).
Alternatively, win in a [107] - Mission against an Anomalous Enemy and take the enemy as a citizen without rights. (Note that without enough favor she will get Hate marks from your sexual actions).

Oh no! My city's being raided! What can I do?

Raids aren't as dangerous as they seem. You deal with raids by sending residents, especially your security officers. The goal of fights against raids are not to destroy the attacker (the monsters can't die), just to deal enough damage. If a girl's knocked down, just send another resident. That's enough to deal with raids without damaging to your city.

Are there any downsides with recruiting new girls?

There are no downsides. Only harder to pick them from list.

How many and which girls do I need to hire first?

You can hire one or more security officers and 9 other girls with any job. Send them into [105] - Apartments. Of course you can hire more if you want.

How to get more TP for turn?

You cannot increase the max TP you can hold (10). However, you can obtain BP which can be converted to TP at a 1:1 ratio without any cost. (There's no limit to how much BP you can store yet).
BP is obtained through lactation at the end of a day. Girls can lactate either by having the Eternal Lactation Trait or by being pregnant. Turn on impregnation in settings then make citizens pregnant.

Lesser Known Info Not in Guide/Tips[edit]

  • The Kouhai NPC will not regenerate SP unless you have sex with her (not sure if it's a bug)
  • Genetics/Genomes applied to a character can be passed on to the character's children. This means the child will gain the skill points from the genome but can't (re)implant the same genome their mother did (there's 20 unique genomes so you can increase your skill points to a max of 300).
  • Click [1028] - Eugenics in [104] - Residents then click a character that had gave birth to a child to create a child.
  • Those with the Holy Womb Trait have a 100% Fertilization Probability. Their Fertilization Resistance is also greatly decreased. The Holy Womb trait can be manually obtained via the Great Saint's Heart (Artificial Relic).
  • Although the description for the Great Saint's Heart mentions "join the bloodline of the Great Saint", those with the trait "Relative of the Saint" don't actually pass on the trait to their children.
  • Numbers for [151] - Outer Connection summons are 1100 through 1105.