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Genre: City Management/Trainer
Developer(s): ネコ
Current Version: 0.41
Translation Status: Active
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eraAS is a city management game that incorporates RPG mechanics. Also includes modular sprite work and some animations.


The player is the leader of a post-apocalyptic city. To manage the city, they must recruit new residents (who are strangely mostly, if not all, female) and assign them different jobs and roles. These residents will then develop the city over time, increasing their contribution values and the level of the city itself. The player can receive a resident's [Consent] to start having sex by earning their trust by solving their various troubles, though there are ways to force yourself on certain residents as well. Once the player has started to rendezvous with residents, they can make those residents submit to them into three different dispositions: Devoted, Lover, and Slut, with each of those having different requirements.

There is also a light RPG system where the player can send units out to various stages to scout those areas, becoming able to earn various spoils and can even unlock new races to recruit.

Events occur at the end of every day (turn). These events will depend on various factors such as which of your residents are you actively allowing to get events, and their stats and disposition.