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Genre: Trainer
Developer(s): ???
Current Version: 0.061
Translation Status: Active
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Live a lewd everyday life with a maid Onee-san!

Additionally, you can invite over plenty of other different mystical characters, all looking forward to get some of the Player's mana.


The game is a variant of eraSQN, having big part of its training engine and mechanics, mixed in with some day to day school life. You can only control your character on the breaks or after class.

The player character has a unique disposition where they have multiple souls, regenerating at the end of the day. That makes possible to make deals with devils obtaining skills and modifications.

The other characters get parts of your soul every time you climax, therefore they're always interested in doing H things with the player.


The game is being actively translated. None of the characters have translated dialog.

But big part of the menus, commands and character statuses are already translated.