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Genre: Turn based strategy/sandbox
Developer(s): Wamekukyouzin
Current Version: 1.29.3
Translation Status: Active
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Bug reporter.

Touhou with Romance of the Three Kingdoms gameplay.

Frequently Asked Questions[edit]

Use the ingame guide, it answers any basic questions.


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Information that is not so obvious

  • A wanderer spawning a country is treated the same way as a Special Faction, for spawn location the game goes after the countries with the highest amount of cities, there is no other check and as such it cannot be defended against
  • For rebellions the game chooses a character through a score system, the score of a character is based on traits, defiant-type traits like proud and sassy add points, while submissive-type traits like humble and docile remove points. After the score is calculated the game multiplies the score based on Ambition, C rank gets a 1.1 multiplier, B rank gets a 1.25 multiplier, A rank gets a 1.5 multiplier. If Fighting+Defense+Strategy+Politics is higher than 250 the character also gets a bonus correction to the score
  • Some events have a day requirement before they trigger
  • Invest is affected by political power
  • When Interacting with someone blowjob text changes based on the command used before it
  • When using a camera the result is decided by total number of orgasms
  • If you sell it: total number of orgasms * 250, if they have the pornstar trait total number of orgasms is multiplied by 1.25
  • Soldiers recruited: total number of orgasms * 150, if they have the pornstar trait total number of orgasms is multiplied by 1.25
  • If you send it to the ruler: total number of orgasms * -2 for relation
  • If you distribute copies in their country: total number of orgasms * -2 relation of subordinates, or total number of orgasms * 10 for economy, but this one is for the text, seems to be a typo because the actual amount you get is * 1000 economy shift from their country
  • For public use the money you get is decided by total number of orgasms * RAND (40,60) * number of participants
  • If you set the option for sex of people in public use to be only women, the option only works in the following places: Youkai Mountain,Children's Hideout, Fairy Forest, Netherworld, Lunar Capital, Heaven