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Genre: Turn based strategy/sandbox
Developer(s): Wamekukyouzin
Current Version: 1.29.3
Translation Status: Active
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Latest Master Build
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Touhou with Romance of the Three Kingdoms gameplay.


  • [1] The gensokyo war - Default scenario with the gensokyo map which filled by various fractions.
  • [3] Fairy wars - Easy scenario for new player with a small map(togglable with the default one) and factions with weak characters like fairies and minor youkai such as Wakasagihime or Rumia.
  • [7] The ambitions of the Shinkoku fairies - Fairy wars scenario with the default map. Major characters become available.
  • [11] Oriental transcripts of europe - Scenario with the europe map instead. Sea and water tiles work as a as one turn delay buffer.
  • [12] Without trials Virtue is inconspicuous - Gensokyo map but invaded with the special factions. A lot of special factions related events such as rape happen more frequently
  • [13] Yukari's ambition: ~ Der totale krieg ~ - Different europe map but in WW2 with touhou factions instead. Shrine maiden becomes a communist, Yukari becomes the Führer and Toyohime becomes Churchill. Water work as different regions which are hard to defend.
  • [14] Yukari's ambition: ~ The guns of august ~ - Same map as previous one but in first World war instead.
  • [15] Remilia's ambition: ~ Sengoku Jidai ~ - Sengoku wars in japan. Seas tiles are not available except the road to Korea with the fortune teller as the governor for a "purpose".
  • [16] Yukari's ambition: ~ The girl in the high castle ~ - Pacific ocean map in WW2. Ocean is now divided into multiple regions.
  • [19] Gensokyo's wild tune - Gensokyo, europe or japan map with random generated factions. Great for a degenerate run as a custom faction ruler.
  • [20] Gathering of heroes - Same as a previous one but above, but factions are starting with one ruler and city instead and recruiting others. The best for a degenerate run as a custom faction ruler.

Random events[edit]

There is two kind of events which are randomly appear at end of each turn(after the combat phase): character specific and common ones. Both of them have a separate chance to appear and separate limits per turn, which can be configured in options menu.

Character events[edit]

Some of the events require a character as your faction member or enough of favor with that character.

  • Koishi: Bondage reverse rape
  • Koakuma: Stat growth though "ritual"
  • Rumia: Ribbon seal, somewhat similar to Koakuma.
  • Yukari: Gender bender lesbian reverse rape
  • Kagerou: Wolf in heat (can be activated without any favor).

Random events[edit]


  • Hypnosis rape - Use your hypnosis skill with a chance to get captured.
  • Officer documentary - Free soldiers.
  • Banquet invitation - Get free soldiers or favor with officer.
  • Youkai girl battle - Rape for fun as a winner.
  • Assassin - Capture your assassin, rape it or sell it for dosh. Losers rest for 4 turns.
  • Part-time job - Free skills.
  • After the banquet - Sex scene after "banquet invitation" event.
  • Invitation to bathe - Another positive event with possible sex.
  • Animal trainer - Bestiality scene for money.
  • Mysterious hypnotist - NTR, execute him.
  • Bounty hunting - Get money from defeating enemies. High combat skills are needed for higher bounties.
  • Soldiers comfort - Send one of your officers into gangbang for free soldiers.
  • Danmaku - Combat skills for rewards.
  • Drug addiction - Sex scene with drug affected officer.
  • Drugs - Same as above.
  • Drunken rape - Get advantage from your officer if it's become too drunk after banquet.
  • Fairy Life - Event series about getting a fairy and turn it into a flying onahole.
  • A lucky day - Nothing bad.
  • Fundraising - Spend a few percentage points of your wealth to get favor with a neighbour country or for sex.
  • Gambling - Spend money for get a chance to gain more money. Can be savescummed.
  • Gambling again - Same as above.
  • Soldier girl - Sex scene or free soldiers.
  • Houseboat meeting
  • Hypnotized slave - Further NTR events from hypnotist.
  • Invitation to work - Free favor with officer.
  • Jogging - Free stamina. Sex scene and more stamina if you have enough favor with the jogging partner and push them down.
  • Kappa's girl visit - Change economy of random location to positive/negative amount. Make her get used to doing it for sex.
  • Moneylanders visit - Loanshark.
  • Obscene seal - something bad...
  • Lustful night - Pick a officer for sex. Family members will always accept.
  • My daugher... - Oblivious naughty event.
  • Millionaire's visit - Get cucked for money or enslave him to make him powerful ally or just execute him.
  • Nightlife - Visit bar and talk with the officers for free favor.
  • Midnight stroll - Satisfy your midnight hunger with a invasion into officers room.
  • Pornstar - Further events which comes from the documentary event, only if you accept to continue.
  • Noble's son - Will kidnap one of your officers or NTR you.
  • Cumdump's fate - Gangbang.
  • Looting -
  • Noble's intertainment - NTR or other consequences.
  • Repayment - Give the money back.
  • New religion
  • Rescue mission -
  • Once Upon a patrol... - Funny events, you can get raped by a boar.
  • Tentacle nursery -
  • Slave trader - Buy a slave (random generated character)
  • Smuggler's visit
  • At the tavern
  • Tengu reporter - News about you from the tengu will affect into opinion from others about you. Accept for sex and the tengu will become addicted to it.
  • Forced tentacle birth
  • Tentacle soldiers
  • Private tutor - Pay for gaining skills or get futher for sex.
  • Night vigil
  • Help with work - Free favor.
  • Yakuza - Satisfy the yakuza demands...
  • Sexual harassment
  • Wandering missfortune
  • Kidnapping -
  • Bitch's life - Spoiled officers events.


  • Bodyguard
  • Officer Invitation
  • Meeting with officer
  • Mercenary visit - Chance to buy officer with a lower price.


  • Rehab doctor
  • Outsider doctor - Soldiers for money
  • Hypnosis trainer - Gives you Hypnosis skill or train sensibility of your officers with a chance of getting cucked.
  • Motivational trainer - remove [lazy] trait for 10.000 coins
  • Sex trainer - Train officer's sexual skills without getting cucked.
  • Tentacle trainer
  • Training together - Get skills and favor for free.


  • Officer Demand - Leader of a stronger country will demand you or officer of your factions for training in exchange of favor.
  • Money demand - Leader of a stronger country will demand money in exchange of favor.


All those related to a special factions and rape their prisoners


  • Assassination Proposal - Assassination attempt. You can skip 1 turn or challenge to capture assassin. Failure will make you skip for 3 turns, but success gives you funny rewards.
  • Misc event - Misc events. Some of them good, some bad such as gaining the [lazy] trait
  • Everyday life
  • Festival date
  • Random rebellion - Turned off in options by default for a purpose. If a officer of your faction has high ambition and not enough favor - this character will revolt and take some officers and regions of your faction to make their own.
  • Stealth marketing

Frequently Asked Questions[edit]

Use the in-game guide, it answers any basic questions.


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Custom Characters[edit]

See Custom_Characters/Sharing


Information that is not so obvious

  • A wanderer spawning a country is treated the same way as a Special Faction, for spawn location the game goes after the countries with the highest amount of cities, there is no other check and as such it cannot be defended against
  • For rebellions the game chooses a character through a score system, the score of a character is based on traits, defiant-type traits like proud and sassy add points, while submissive-type traits like humble and docile remove points. After the score is calculated the game multiplies the score based on Ambition, C rank gets a 1.1 multiplier, B rank gets a 1.25 multiplier, A rank gets a 1.5 multiplier. If Fighting+Defense+Strategy+Politics is higher than 250 the character also gets a bonus correction to the score
  • Some events have a day requirement before they trigger
  • Invest is affected by political power
  • When Interacting with someone blowjob text changes based on the command used before it
  • When using a camera the result is decided by total number of orgasms
  • If you sell it: total number of orgasms * 250, if they have the pornstar trait total number of orgasms is multiplied by 1.25
  • Soldiers recruited: total number of orgasms * 150, if they have the pornstar trait total number of orgasms is multiplied by 1.25
  • If you send it to the ruler: total number of orgasms * -2 for relation
  • If you distribute copies in their country: total number of orgasms * -2 relation of subordinates, or total number of orgasms * 10 for economy, but this one is for the text, seems to be a typo because the actual amount you get is * 1000 economy shift from their country
  • For public use the money you get is decided by total number of orgasms * RAND (40,60) * number of participants
  • If you set the option for sex of people in public use to be only women, the option only works in the following places: Youkai Mountain,Children's Hideout, Fairy Forest, Netherworld, Lunar Capital, Heaven