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Genre: Dating Simulator
Developer(s): ???
Current Version: 4.903
Translation Status: Active, mostly translated.
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Latest development build.
Latest release build.
Pedy's TW branch
AnonTW branch
Mr pops a lot branch.
Bug reporter.

Usually called eraTW by japs.

  • Dating sim with Touhou character
  • Time-stop mechanics
  • Not a trainer (totally a trainer, but in softer ways like doing chores together, dating, handholding, singing, drugging, sleep raping and timestop rape)
  • Active translation
  • Very love-focused

There is now an in-game tutorial at the sleep menu. Be sure to check it out.


An open-world dating sim featuring the Touhou cast aside from some PC-98 characters. There is no set goal, nor any endings. Think harvest moon or elona, but with sex.


There are quite a few versions you can pick from. None of english versions are completely translated at the moment, but you can ignore untranslated characters. Also take everything you will read here with a grain of salt.

Untranslated japanese version for chads: you can get it from japanese touhou era uploader , user and password is era. It's more space efficient than translations, fits on 1024*768 monitors. Check out Getting_Started/Computer-assisted_translation and Emuera-Rikaichan if you are going that road.

English version maintained by this wiki maintainers, you can get it from main page of this wiki or from git. There is which wasn't updated from 2019, and there is which wasn't updated for 4 months as of now. Git latest version is here , git is here:

Pedy's TW version, which was more actively maintained for a while, and also uses EvilMask's version of EmuEra, which added commands for freeing memory. Overall difference isn't too significant, it's mostly quality of life changes, and translations are shared between all versions anyway. At one point Pedy replaced all characters from touhou 18 with PC-98 era characters out of some sort of hateboner, which resulted in creation of AnonTW fork. It also added a hypnosis command that wasn't in the original and trivializes the game somewhat, and choosing "other locations" when searching for girls is laggier. Git:

AnonTW version (or Legis1998's TW) is Pedy's TW, but with touhou 18 characters patched back in. Git:

Pops TW (aka EraNAS, aka omogatari) by User:Mr Pops Alot adds plenty of things. This fork adds some extra features such as player horniness and player housing, ability to save midday, save import/export to/from other forks, some new characters and quality of life changes, as well as a litany of other new features and toggleable fetishes gatekept from other branches. However, it might be unstable and may have slower performance. It also breaks balance of the game, by making combat much harder to level and complicated while making all other skills trivial to level, and in general changes the game too much. This branch is for those who are looking for a different take on TW or find that other branches doesn't have their fetish. "Controversial" contents like guns (and piss, and shit, and necrophilia) are off by default, and need to be activated in the settings (except fragments of it still leak either through tutorials, or quest text, or through addition of toilets everywhere). Git :

There is a korean version which is actually very different from the original game and much grindier. Original japanese version based korean version Git is here, and more aggresive one's Git is here, aka '텍붕이 모드(Textbung_mod)'. Both of them are not including graphical resources in git, but they can transplant japanese's resources.


Check options. Trying to impregnate somebody for a month, only to find out that pregnancy is disabled in options is not fun.

Check achievements. Despite the name, they often give really useful abilities which can't be obtained in any other way.

Keep hostility low (below 100/1000) and grind their favorability/horniness. Or ignore their hostility and go the sex friend route. Some characters have alternative dialogues for that.


Gain money, raise stats, get trust. Or do nothing and just wank in your room all day. The choice is yours.
The game consists of two parts. The first is the sleep or home menu, here some settings can be changed, and progress can be saved. Waking up puts the player in the game proper. They can explore and walk around maps and interact with people.
More to come.


See Characters


See Locations

Foraging List[edit]

You can see foraging list when you are in location which available to forage. Otherwise you can check foraging list of any location in end of the day after you going into bed.

See Foraging List

Mixing List[edit]

See Mixing List

Non-H Profession Guide[edit]

See Non-H Profession Guide

Frequently Asked Questions[edit]

Where do I find [item] as part of my request?

Find Nazrin, she'll have a command that lets you find lost items

Why is [character] speaking in Japanese?

You lack insight. If you do have the know-how, then mind if I show you the way to the Contributing page on this wiki to get started on your translation?

How to get touhou into this stuff?

Talk twice, give tea, then wait a little awhile. Repeat until you got 200 favor, than try to skinship as well. When you get enough Speech skill try to talk more times before giving tea. Repeat until hugging can commence. Then do everything previous and hugging until being pushed down.

How to make my girls naked and train exposure for them?

For better training exposure skill and for fun you can choose "naked shirt" clothes as casual wear and steal the panties.

At first you need 3 Lewd marks, [Lust] or [Sex-Friend/Mistress] or [Love/Lover] with character. Then change partner's clothes in next order:
  • Change clothes -> partner name -> change sleepwear -> have them sleep naked
  • Change casual wear -> Change costume -> Cosplay costumes -> Naked shirt
  • Steal characters panties
  • Favorites -> Set current cloth as favorite ->confirm

Alternative method: Once you've reached Yearning or higher, have the character wear a skirt and steal her underwear, then use the [Time Stop] skill or [Lead Around] to bring the character to a secluded area, then use [Sex. har.] - [Lift skirt], click any other one that does not upset her, and repeat.

How to impregnate [character]?

First of all make sure pregnancy is enabled in the options in the sleep menu.

To determine if the character is impregnated the game compares your impregnation score (filling rate multiplied by the character's menstrual cycle) to a random number between 1 and the character's impregnation resistance (depends on the character's race). Detailed explanation can be found on the following chart:

Filling rate is greatly increased by finishing inside with [73] Cervix Tease, and moderately increased by normal creampie + creampie addiction (up to lvl 6). It can be hard to achieve 100% filling rate even with 1000ml so more = better! There is a cheat option to show the exact rate.

Impregnation Chart

I want to write my own dialogue/add my own features to TW! How do I do it?

See our guide here: Contributing/Modding TW


Information that is not so obvious

  • Most of the "everyday" commands have a critical chance, the game rolls a number from 0 to 100 and if it is below 9 a crit occurs, if you gained reliability during conversation this was the reason, critical chance never changes and the effect of a critical depends on the command
  • Ejaculation quantity can be increased by Vigor above maximum, the number does not matter, what does is your percentage above maximum, for example 2800/1400 and 3000/1500 would be the same thing

Additional Stuff


"Listen to met vent!" Requests

Accessing Cheat Menu[edit]

After ending a day (or loading a save file), you'll have access to the "Wake Up" menu, where you can access the tutorial and options menus, among numerous other things. If you select the options menu, you should get a long string of choices that change the game somewhat. Looking at the header that says "Select an Option", you'll see that it's flanked on either side by a pair of stars. Clicking on either pair will bring you to the cheat menu, where you'll be able to make drastic alterations to yourself and the many girls. It should be noted that changes made to mob characters don't really stick, likely due to the fact that they despawn after around 8pm.

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