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Due latest Pedy meltdown all TH18 characters will removed in latest updates and replaced with PC-98 characters and overwrite the save. Anon is trying to fix it here Repository link Link to commit
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Genre: Dating Simulator
Developer(s): listed on git.
Current Version: 4.881
Translation Status: Active, Mostly translated.
Repository link

Pedy edition (the one that actually updates). Known as neodev, probably because it uses EvilMask's fork of EmuEra.

In march of 2023 Pedy replaced all touhou 18 characters with PC-98 era characters, so play AnonTW instead, unless you share Pedy's hateboner.


Download it from git:

Or download outdated version from january of 2023 from here: File:Pedy-tw-ENG 4.881

Later versions no longer fit in 100 MB filesize limit of this wiki, plus registration is no longer required to download from git anymore, so go get latest version from git.


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The game is being actively translated, some characters even have translated dialog.
Remember to use neo-eng_modding as the branch, or else you may not get the extra features added.


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Foraging List[edit]

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Mixing List[edit]

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Non-H Profession Guide[edit]

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Frequently Asked Questions[edit]

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Additional Stuff

Accessing Cheat Menu[edit]

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