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Sugoi is a translation tool made by leminhyen2 on github. It reads from your clipboard and automatically translates through your choice of DeepL, Papago, or his homebrewed AI based translation model. The repo for the program is here but it's outdated. You can get the newest versions from the developer's discord, the description of this demo video by developer, or the developer's patreon


Sugoi is built for Windows 10. For Windows 7 users: You need Visual C++ 10, 13 and 15~22 x86 & x64 versions. This program does not work on x86 systems.

Installation procedure probably won't change between versions, check the discord or linked youtube video for newer versions.


1. Download Sugoi-Japanese-Translator-V3.0.rar
2. Extract to wherever
3. Launch via Sugoi-Translator-DeepL (click here).bat if you want to use DeepL or Sugoi-Translator-Papago (click here).bat if you want to use Papago.


1. Download these two files: Sugoi Version 3.0 and the v3.0 Model
2. Extract Sugoi-Japanese-Translator-V3.0.rar wherever
3. Extract the folders contained in Offline Model to <your Sugoi Directory>\backendServer\Program-Backend\Sugoi-Translator-Offline\offlineTranslation\fairseq\
4. Launch via the included Sugoi-Translator-Offline (click here).bat file. Should open two command windows and the translation window. It takes a minute or so to start working.
5 (Optional) Update fusion model. Download links in bottom of the page.

Read before using: The offline version of this program is approx. 3 GB in size and requires 8 GB of RAM to run. Very CPU intensive unless you do the steps below.

Using CUDA to Improve Performance of Offline Version[edit]


Before doing anything, check in NVIDIA control panel > system information > component tab and see what CUDA version you have. v3.xx only works with CUDA v11.xx+, 2.0 works with CUDA 10.xx

Method 1: Using a premade powershell script[edit]

Download & read the included "install cuda.txt" file

Mega link for those allergic to discord:

Method 2: Manually upgrade by pip using python included in Sugoi[edit]

1. Open command prompt as administrator (not powershell) go to <your Sugoi Directory>\Power-Source\Python38

2. Type:

CUDA 10:

   python.exe -m pip install torch==1.9.1+cu102 torchvision==0.10.1+cu102 torchaudio===0.9.1 -f --user

CUDA 11:

   python.exe -m pip install torch==1.9.1+cu111 torchvision==0.10.1+cu111 torchaudio===0.9.1 -f --user

3. In backendServer\Program-Backend\Sugoi-Translator-Offline\offlineTranslation\fairseq\ change line 19 # ja2en.cuda() to ja2en.cuda()

Method 3: Manually upgrade by pip using global python installation on Windows[edit]

1. Open command prompt (or powershell) as administrator and type:

CUDA 10:

   pip install --target=<your Sugoi Directory>\Power-Source\Python38\Lib\site-packages --upgrade torch==1.9.1+cu102 torchvision==0.10.1+cu102 torchaudio===0.9.1 -f

CUDA 11:

   pip install --target=<your Sugoi Directory>\Power-Source\Python38\Lib\site-packages --upgrade torch==1.9.1+cu111 torchvision==0.10.1+cu111 torchaudio===0.9.1 -f

2. Change line 19 in backendServer\Program-Backend\Sugoi-Translator-Offline\offlineTranslation\fairseq\ from # ja2en.cuda() to ja2en.cuda()

Notable Era Quirks[edit]

(If anyone finds anything that should be in this section mention Harris#0425 on discord or post in the plw thread for it to be added)

  • By default, this only attempts to translate copied text that contains a Japanese character. Not a problem for it's original purpose, which was for translating VN's, but with text games you run into the unique problem of ASCII menus and world maps, which invariably contain at least one character that'll set it off, making it try to translate hundreds of gibberish characters and gangraping all your CPU cores. With in i7-8700 and no CUDA the bamboo forest map in TW locked my entire computer up for a good ten seconds and my cooling fans made a solid attempt at takeoff.
  • Sugoi (and DeepL) really do not like mixed language inputs. If it's only one or two words it should be fine but if multiple sentences sneak in there's a good chance it'll get confused and print nothing, or just give you the english back and drop the JP text entirely. If you see this happen, just open your log and re-copy the Japanese manually.
  • Anyone that's used DeepL for a while has experienced that 'thing' it does, where instead of translating what you gave it it goes, "It’s a good idea to have a good idea of what you’re looking for" or "I'm sure you will find a way to make it work for you." or shit like that. It's a quirk of how the AI was trained or something. The online version of Sugoi suffers from this, since it's basically just a fancy DeepL client, but the Offline version never does this.

Additional resources[edit]

  • Model files: To install them you need to need to replace file in folder: \backendServer\Program-Backend\Sugoi-Translator-Offline\offlineTranslation\fairseq\japaneseModel .