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* Daughter harem ending: Have 10 daughters at [Love] and protagonist lv60<br />
* Daughter harem ending: Have 10 daughters at [Love] and protagonist lv60<br />
= Frequently Asked Questions =
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Old Megaten pastebin. May or may not be outdated. Still a bit messy.


It is recommended to play as Devil Summoner if you haven't played any SMT/Persona game beforehand. It has a tutorial (available only during the 1st day, accessible with "Search") which explains the basis of battles and COMP.
Before proceeding to the second floor, make sure to TALK to any demon you encounter and recruit it, then summon it to your party with COMP > Summon. Repeat until you have a full party (put your character in the back row, instant gameover if he/she dies).


You can progress in eraMegaten by:

Explore dungeons, recruit demons, and defeat bosses.
Enter Colosseum
Compete in the arena to win money, macca, and new characters.
Request Contract
Do quests, may also unlock events and dungeons.
Unlock more stuff.

Do any of these when you're stuck. Time does not elapse during contracts/events (unless prompted).


Training demons is very important, since it has two benefits:

  • You can transfer MAG to them, which is spent to make them stronger
  • Their abilities will increase, which in turn allows you to do more lewd stuff to them (most abilities also influence work performance and sell value)

Do NOT raise their rejection seal level: it makes training harder. If you really have to, make sure you have enough SURREN orbs to bring it back to zero. You can also toggle MAG transfer/absorption ON/OFF, allowing you to give/take MAG to/from demons during training. MAG is more suited for demons, since they have more power-up options. A demon can also work and earn Macca when his/her Sale Conditions are met.

Don't forget to store your unused demons at Party Setup > Store demon. They can be used as fusion fodder, anyway.

The two currencies are:


  • Used to buy equipment, training tools/drugs, create demons at Jakyou Manor, build facilities, pay the organization
  • Acquired by defeating dungeon bosses, fighting at colosseum, completing contracts, exchange for Macca


  • Used at Macca Exchange to buy COMP software and expand your COMP slots, craft random rare items with Item Synthesis
  • Acquired by selling demons, put your demons to work, fighting at colosseum

If you need a good grinding spot, unlock the Tartarus by completing Echo Building or Hatsudai Shelter, or level up your protag to 10. It has low and high level enemies as well, and you can take the elevator every 5 floors. It's accessible only at nighttime though. Alternatively, the colosseum dungeon has a high encounter rate and enemies always appear in groups of 10.

The main objective is to get any ending before day 50. You can still keep playing, but some route/endings are locked out after. You can start a NG+ anytime from day 51, although it is recommended to get at least one ending first, since you gain more NG+ bonuses based on how many non-bad endings you got (Restaurant/Brothel endings are recommended, since you can get those anytime and have no additional requirements, just keep working).

Other commands

Enchance demon:

  • Increase their stats
  • Learn new skills from acquired skill cards
  • Power up their skills, giving them better range or more damage
  • Increase range of normal attack (up to 1 line/all enemies) and its attribute (SLASH/GUN/STRIKE/SKILL)
  • Buff an elemental weakness (only one at a time)
  • Increase stamina/energy for longer training sessions


  • Pay money to the organization. Unlocks more stuff in the Junk Shop, sometimes even dungeons.
  • To get any good end, you need to donate at least 1.000.000 yen. It's way easier than it looks.

Junk Shop

  • Buy weapons, armors, accessories and combat/healing items.

Jakyou Manor

  • Fuse demons: get a new type of demon, with some skills (or even abilities) inherited
  • In-depth fusion guide: https://pastebin.com/6Vu8nfhA
  • Skill card creation: Extract a skill from a demon. You get a skill card in return, that can be used on any demon to make him learn that skill (if element compatibilty to said skill is low, more MAG is needed for acquisition/upgrade)
  • Demon Compendium: Summon any kind of analyzed demon by spending yen, cost is reduced to ~10% if fully analyzed


  • Sell demons for macca
  • Let your demons sing at concerts (available during night only)
  • Let your demons work at restaurant/brothel
  • Build your own foodcart/hotel to increase work payoff (can be upgraded later to restaurant/brothel)


ST - Physical damage
IN - Magic damage
MA - Affects MP and magic
EN - Affects HP and defense
AG - Speed, evasion/accuracy and gun damage
LU - Drop rate and critical hit rate

  • Note: firearms damage (GUN attack, BULLETS, DOUBLE・TAP) is based on IN/AG, while GUN skills (Sharpnel, 99 Needles, and so on) are based on ST.
Earned by defeating demons. Used to Enhance Demons in various ways.Also needed to keep your demons alive, since they consume it during exploration and they'll start losing HP/MP for every step taken when their MAG is 0. By default, this won't happen since the protag spends his own MAG to upkeep the demons.
Earned by winning battles/recruiting demons, or more slowly by training. Can be spent to inherit sexual abilities after fusion, or to make skill cards from demons without sacrificing them.


Poison — Loses 1/16 Max HP per battle turn.
Paralyze — Loses 1/16 Max MP per battle turn and can't act
Bind — Can't act
Bomb — If attacked bomb will explode. Heavy damage.
Panic — Attacks/Uses skills/items like complete retard and drops money.
Charm — Attack allies
Stone — Can't act, will shatter if hit by force, wind or physical.
Shocked — Target lose one turn by electricity attack.
Frozen — Target lose one turn by ice attack.
Dying — KO or instant kill {Hama, Mudo and few others.}
Close — Can't use spells.
Happy — All actions have 50% fail rate.
Brand — HP healing from all sources is reduced to 1.
Flame - Loses 1/10 Max HP per battle turn. Wind and nuclear element attacks make double damage.
Slip - Can't act. Gravity and physical attacks make double damage. Recovery takes 1-2 turns.
Curse - Returns half of damage dealt to cursed character. Instant kill moves are more effective. Doesn't recover naturally.
Fly - Turned into fly. Damage dealt is reduced to 0.2 of normal and damage taken is amplified to 2.5 of normal.


These are the classes you're able to choose from when you create your character.

Devil Summoner

Pros: Can use COMP in battle (summon demons in battle, very good at analyzing enemies and their weaknesses), can load ranged weapons with special ammo, can use items in battle, the tutorial is accessible only with this class.
Cons: Can't use skills/magic.

Persona User

Pros: Can P-CHANGE into multiple personas and use their skills. Can have up to 24 skill slots.
Cons: It takes a bit to unlock the Velvet room (necessary for Persona users), also demons must be sacrificed if you want new personas.

Avatar Tuner

Pros: Can learn mantra (skills) on his own (and set/store any skill previously learned), can TRANCE into a demon for stat boosts and skill usage.
Cons: Slow learning of higher level mantras, half MAG earned, TRANCE is available only with one demon chosen at the start.

  • They can also use COMP in battle and load ranged weapons with special ammo.

Avatar tuner demons:
Baal (male only): high IN/MA/AG, medium ST/EN, low LU
Sraosha (male only): high IN/MA/EN/AG, medium LU, low ST
Ishtar (female only): high IN, medium ST/MA/AG, low EN/LK
Valkyria (female only): high ST/AG, medium EN, low IN/MA/LU
Mara (both genders!): high ST/EN/AG, medium MA, low LU/IN

Devil Shifter

Pros: Can change into demon for stats and skill usage, can change transformation without sacrificing demon.
Cons: Only into one at time, skill are set. Can change only 1 weakness.

  • You don't receive starting transformation to your team.


Pros: Pick 2 out of 18 job classes, they have unique skill and can also learn more from skill cards.
Cons: Have only 1 talent (see below).

Adept jobs and their skills:
Every adept has Sabbatma but can learn only 1 talent between:
Summoner: use COMP in battle
Item Knowhow: use items in battle
Gunslinger: can load ranged weapons with special bullets
Successor: can equip demon weapons

Martial Artist: https://pastebin.com/WXB3Fy8a
Swordsman: https://pastebin.com/6t2nvtbz
Gang Leader: https://pastebin.com/Lz3QwbRV
Magician: https://pastebin.com/h3cgSSHf
Psychic: https://pastebin.com/u4nhBDhT
Miko: https://pastebin.com/VerqE6YX
Shaman: https://pastebin.com/wSdataqn
Witch: https://pastebin.com/CPh8d601
Queen: https://pastebin.com/vVASvk0C
Idol: https://pastebin.com/5w6sEpfn
Ninja: https://pastebin.com/Y3UDtEtU
Warrior: https://pastebin.com/Yd1DgcFe
Boxer: https://pastebin.com/iiMxPN5B
Tentacle User: https://pastebin.com/kxtDGL8W
Dilettante: https://pastebin.com/MZ9w2hiN
Gunslinger: https://pastebin.com/Cx5jCeSx
Armchair Detective: https://pastebin.com/f9qSqGvm
Detective: https://pastebin.com/14qn7hiT


Pros: More powerful versions of 10 first adept jobs. Higher stats at level 1 and access to exclusive skill cards that can't be found anywhere else in the game outside of endgame bosses.
Cons: Unable to use MAG to enhance their skills or learn new ones. All need good endings to be unlocked.

Arhat = Martial Artist+ - 1GE
Sword Saint = Swordsman+ - 2GE
Dragoon = Gang Leader+ - 3GE
Adept = Magician+ - 4GE
Sai (should be PSI) Master = Psychic+ - 5GE
Apostle = Miko+ - 6GE
Onmyoji = Shaman+ - 7GE
Golden Hair = Witch+ - 8GE
Empress = Queen+ - 9GE
Diva = Idol+ - 10GE

Pastebins for description of these are WIP.

Devil Hybrid

Pros: Can equip demon weapons and are stronger than normal humans from start.
Cons: Everything else they have or will gain is completely random. It includes resistances, weaknesses and skills. It also needs 3 good endings to be unlocked.

Devil Hunter

Pros: One of most powerful combat classes available to PC.
Cons: Needs 5 good endings and win fight against Dante in arena(He has level 80) to be unlocked.


Pros: They start with some sexual ability and [Submitted].
Cons: Start with all stats at 1, has no extra features since it's meant to be a challenge class.


Pros: If tourist isn't hardcore enough for you...
Cons: Start with all stats at 1, receive 5x damage from all sources, cannot wear equipment.

Endings and NG+

Carry over in NG+:

  • Contracted demons (complete the Solomon Wedding Ring event, then spend 1 million Yen for each demon you want to Contract)
  • Retain every power-up made with Enchance Demon (excluding stat enchantment)
  • Sexual/work abilities of protag and contracted demons
  • Skill cards, some equipment (but have only one quantity for each item)
  • Most COMP software (everything costing 1000 Macca and less, excluding GulliverMagic)
  • Special items (forbidden knowledge, third eye)
  • Demon compendium
  • Special class feat (example: Avatar Tuners keep their mastered mantras)
  • You gain initial stat points allocation and extra COMP slots depending on number of non-bad endings you got

Does NOT carry over in NG+:

  • Non-contracted demons
  • Protag and contracted demons start at lv5 and default stats
  • Yen and Macca
  • Training tools
  • Bought COMP expansions and most expensive COMP software
  • Contracted demons gain way less macca when working

List of (some) endings and how to get them:

  • Devil Trainer: Have 400 Trainer Fame (sell demons for a total amount of 40k Macca)
  • Restaurant owner: Have 1500 CookingRep
  • Brothel owner: Have 1500 ProstitutionRep
  • King/Queen of the night: Have 1000 ProstutionRep, protag has 1000 ProstitutionRep and 2500 ProstitutionExp
  • Idol ending: Protagonist has SingingLV10, 300 LiveEXP and [Popular] talent
  • Harem ending: Have 10 demons at [Love] and protagonist lv60
  • Daughter harem ending: Have 10 daughters at [Love] and protagonist lv60

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