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WIP, watch your step.

Genre: Life Simulation/Trainer
Developer(s): toroiya
Current Version: 2.21
Translation Status: Active
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eraTohoPM is a life simulation game where the player is mysteriously appointed as Kaguya Houraisan's educator by the current monarch of the Lunar Capital. The same monarch has a reputation for being a tyrant, and has many dark rumors surrounding him.
The goal of the player is for them to raise Kaguya to become fully independent in five years time. How they choose to do this is up to them however, there are many dark influences on the moon that have their own agendas and would like nothing more than to have Kaguya succumb to them.


The following sections will go further into the nuances of PM's gameplay, ranging from explanations of the different type of commands to endings and the conditions the player has to meet.

Time System

eraTohoPM has a time based mechanice. Time passes and is broken down into Years -> Months -> First Half and Second Half of that month. Certain actions and commands will advance time, moving from the first half of the month into the second and once the second half is over, it moves on over to the first half of the next month. The player has five years to raise Kaguya to reach an ending, not counting any sudden bad ends stemming from events or the player's decisions.

Time also affects other things such as certain events will only occur during specific dates. Another example is that, depending on what season it is, certain Leisure Outing locations will change and the player can get different results.

Game Flow

Gameplay in PM can be broken down into different "phases".





Parameters & Stats

Clothing & Attributes




List of endings