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Genre: Life Simulation/Trainer
Developer(s): toroiya
Current Version: 2.21
Translation Status: Active
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WIP, watch your step.


eraTohoPM is a game based off Princess Maker, a life simulation game, where the player is mysteriously appointed as Kaguya Houraisan's educator by the current monarch of the Lunar Capital. The same monarch known for having a reputation as a tyrant, and has many suspicious rumors surrounding him. The goal of the player is for them to raise Kaguya to become fully independent in five years time. How they choose to do this is up to them; however, there are many dark influences on the moon that have their own agendas and would like nothing more than to have Kaguya succumb to them.


Generally, the gameplay of eraTohoPM is stretched across different systems. The player can use a variety of items, clothing, skills, and mechanics to raise Kaguya how they would like. With all of these different systems, it also brings different ways to play the game and certain events can drastically alter how the game is played as well.

Gameplay in PM can be broken down into different "phases".
It loops in the order of:

Main screen → Selected action → Events

And then repeats.

The following sections below will go further into detail about the various systems in PM.

Time System

eraTohoPM has a time based mechanic. Time passes and is broken down into Years → Months → First Half / Second Half of that month. Certain actions and commands will advance time, moving from the first half of the month into the second and once the second half is over, it moves on over to the first half of the next month. The player has five years to raise Kaguya to reach an ending, not counting any sudden bad ends stemming from events or the player's decisions.

Time also affects other things such as certain events will only occur during specific dates. Another example is that, depending on what season it is, certain Leisure Outing locations will change and the player can get different results.


The various commands of different parts of the game will be explained in the following links.

Parameters & Stats

In eraTohoPM, there are many different stats and abilities that affect gameplay. A big portion of events have some sort of stat requirement.
This table below will give a brief summary of the secondary benefits that a stat provides.

Beauty Represents Kaguya's charm and appeal.
The higher this is, the more the player benefits from beauty contests.
Intelligence Represents Kaguya's logic and wisdom.
The higher this is, the easier skill points will be to get, though it isn't the only contributing factor towards it.
Communication Represents Kaguya's ability to talk to someone else.
Used to gain favorability from the Watatsuki sisters and affects the [Negotiation] action.
Housekeeping Represents Kaguya's knowledge and skills to do household chores.
Living expenses lowers the higher this stat is.
Faith Represents the depth of Kaguya's faith.
The higher this is, the harder it is for Lust and Corruption to raise.
Strength Represents Kaguya's physical power.
In addition to affecting combat, fatigue accumulates slower the higher this stat is.
Lust Represents Kaguya's sexual desire, knowledge and the development of her body.
The higher this is, the easier it is to attract the attention of others. Also plays a role in certain combat actions.
If it reaches 1000, the player will be given a bad end.
Corruption Rises when Kaguya experiences abnormal training and other values.
If this reaches 1000, If it reaches 1000, the player will be given a bad end.

Clothing & Attributes

Clothing has an important role in PM. Most notable is that some clothing will steadily change Kaguya's attribute. Her attribute can be seen as an indicator of her affinity for a role. For example, when the game starts, Kaguya's attribute will start off as Princess [100]. If the player equips her with a Maid Uniform, at the end of certain actions, her Princess attribute will decrease to [99] and her Maid attribute will increase to [1]. The higher the number in a specific attribute, the more comfrtable she is assuming the role. Depending on the attribute, the player will also unlock extra actions and commands pertaining to that attribute. This also affects the endings greatly, as a big portion of them will depend on her attributes as one of the requirements.

Another thing that Clothing does is provide special modifiers to her stat growths. For example, a Nun Habit will make it easier for her Faith and Beauty stat to increase but gives a negative multiplier to Housekeeping. There are many different clothes and are even special modified and upgraded versions of existing clothes. For example, most of the base clothing have a short skirt and mini skirt version that are available to purchase after a certain point. These versions offer increased modifiers, positive and negative, and increased bonuses towards the attribute.

The list of clothing and their bonuses can be found here:


Skills are passive abilities that can be equipped to Kaguya for a variety of bonuses. They are earned by spending Skill Points that can be obtained using specific Commands. Also, there's the option to use Attribute Points to unlock some skills which also obtained by using specific commands. There can only be two skills equipped at a time but are interchangeable at any moment.


Events are arguably the biggest portion of the game. At the end of your action phase, the event phase starts.


List of endings