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Genre: Dating Simulator
Developer(s): ???
Current Version: 4.633
Translation Status: Active
Repository link
Latest development build.
Latest release build.
Bug reporter.
  • Dating sim with Touhou character
  • Time-stop mechanics
  • Not a trainer
  • Active translation
  • Very love-focused


An open-world dating sim featuring the Touhou cast aside from some PC-98 characters. There is no set goal, nor any endings.


The game consists of two parts. The first is the sleep or home menu, here some settings can be changed, and progress can be saved. Waking up puts the player in the game proper. They can explore and walk around maps and interact with people.
More to come.


The game is being actively translated, some characters even have translated dialog.
There are two playable branches. Eng-dev and eng-release. The former is the absolute latest and is the recommended one. If that one is unplayable, try eng-release, which is just an outdated eng-dev.