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Genre: Dating Simulator
Developer(s): ???
Current Version: 4.633
Translation Status: Active
Repository link
Latest development build.
Latest release build.
Bug reporter.
  • Dating sim with Touhou character
  • Time-stop mechanics
  • Not a trainer
  • Active translation
  • Very love-focused

There is now an in-game tutorial at the sleep menu. Be sure to check it out.


An open-world dating sim featuring the Touhou cast aside from some PC-98 characters. There is no set goal, nor any endings.


The game consists of two parts. The first is the sleep or home menu, here some settings can be changed, and progress can be saved. Waking up puts the player in the game proper. They can explore and walk around maps and interact with people.
More to come.


The game is being actively translated, some characters even have translated dialog.
There are two playable branches. Eng-dev and eng-release. The former is the absolute latest and is the recommended one. If that one is unplayable, try eng-release, which is just an outdated eng-dev.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find [item] as part of my request?

Find Nazrin, she'll have a command that lets you find lost items

Why is [character] speaking in Japanese?

You lack insight. If you do have the know-how, then mind if I show you the way to the Contributing page on this wiki to get started on your translation?

How to impregnate [character]?

First of all make sure pregnancy is enabled in the options in the sleep menu.

To determine if the character is impregnated the game compares your impregnation score (depending on the character's menstrual cycle) to a random number between 1 and the character's impregnation resistance (depends on the character's race). Detailed explanation can be found on the following chart:

Impregnation Chart


Information that is not so obvious

  • Most of the "everyday" commands have a critical chance, the game rolls a number from 0 to 100 and if it is below 9 a crit occurs, if you gained reliability during conversation this was the reason, critical chance never changes and the effect of a critical depends on the command
  • Ejaculation quantity can be increased by Vigor above maximum, the number does not matter, what does is your percentage above maximum, for example 2800/1400 and 3000/1500 would be the same thing