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Welcome to the era Games wiki
Era games are a collection of (usually) Japanese developed text porn games. Most of the popular of these games have ongoing translation and modding projects.
This wiki serves as hub to get information on the individual games and on how to contribute to a project. Featured below is a convenient way to download the latest builds from the gitgud project without having to sign up for an account and is updated semi-frequently.
Recent Activity
[Peje opened merge request !5: Draft: Translations + Mods at era-games / eraAk...]

setting up mods for content, translations
[Tiael pushed to project branch game/eng-release at era-games / eraMegaten]
Tiael(6c432a42)at21 Mar 15:29Merge branch 'game/eng-develop' into game/eng-release... and2 more commits
[Tiael pushed to project branch game/eng-develop at era-games / eraMegaten]
Tiael(6ea2e181)at21 Mar 15:28Merge branch 'game/eng-translation' into game/eng-develop... and1 more commit
[Tiael pushed to project branch game/eng-translation at era-games / eraMegaten]
Tiael(b86dfb66)at21 Mar 15:28Oops
[Tiael pushed to project branch game/eng-release at era-games / eraMegaten]
Tiael(bcb5a534)at21 Mar 14:04Merge branch 'game/eng-develop' into game/eng-release... and46 more commits
[Tiael pushed to project branch game/eng-develop at era-games / eraMegaten]
Tiael(b7f7a897)at21 Mar 14:02Merge branch 'game/eng-translation' into game/eng-develop... and21 more commits
[Tiael pushed to project branch game/eng-translation at era-games / eraMegaten]
Tiael(bd374398)at21 Mar 13:54Typos/grammar... and3 more commits
[strmesko pushed to project branch eng-translation at era-games / eraRL]
strmesko(57e2a626)at21 Mar 04:03minor typo fixes
[vinumsabbathi joined project era-games / eratohoTW]
[w65 pushed to project branch feature/time_limit_remover at era-games / eraMeg...]
w65(dd51e126)at18 Mar 05:30Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/game/eng-translation' into fea...... and13 more commits
[DKXG opened issue #27: Collection Of Issues + Hotfixes at era-games / eratohoTW]
Ran into a non fatal movement error for whoever character 144 is.This was the error: "### MOVEMENT LOCATION ERROR Yunoka の現在位置が異常です ### CHARA_NO:144"When using the command "Go Out&qu...
[MortallyQualityPerson accepted merge request !4: Translations at era-games / ...]
[MortallyQualityPerson pushed to project branch game/eng-translation at era-ga...]
MortallyQualityPerson(4a8ebc38)at16 Mar 03:30Merge branch 'game/eng-translation' into 'game/eng-translation'... and1 more commit
[MortallyQualityPerson pushed to project branch game/eng-translation at era-ga...]
MortallyQualityPerson(3d9d49b2)at16 Mar 03:25Fixing F/D/S/D Raising Too Fast issue... and6 more commits
[DKXG commented on issue #26 at era-games / eratohoTW]
Edit: I have started a new issue thread HERE to point out some of the issues found and some of the hotfixes I have thrown together to address them for now. As for the Sakuya thing, using the latest...
[Adric pushed to project branch game/eng-translation at era-games / eraMegaten]
Adric(71e711b9)at12 Mar 20:53gentlemen/angels

Check the Activity page for more in-depth updates.

Useful Links

Check Getting Started if new.

pls rember that wen u feel scare or frigten never forget ttimes wen u feeled happy wen day is dark alway rember happy day

Japanese Resources
(User/Pass is era/era)

Latest builds (New at Bottom)
tentacle-palace-eng-dev.zip02.10.2018 07:105416.67kB
eraMaou-eng-dev.zip02.10.2018 07:102183.44kB
eraMaou-eng-release.zip02.10.2018 07:102183.44kB
eraAkumaMaid-eng-release.zip02.10.2018 07:102100.02kB
eraAWT-eng-release.zip02.10.2018 07:113788.55kB
eraBEMANI-eng-dev.zip02.10.2018 07:112219.45kB
eraBEMANI-eng-release.zip02.10.2018 07:112219.45kB
eraImasPOFA-eng-release.zip02.10.2018 07:112644.36kB
erainSchool-eng-dev.zip02.10.2018 07:114244.75kB
erainSchool-eng-release.zip02.10.2018 07:114244.75kB
eraPoG-eng-dev.zip02.10.2018 07:11600.81kB
eraPoG-eng-release.zip02.10.2018 07:11600.81kB
ReverseTentaclePalace-eng-release.zip02.10.2018 07:124640.24kB
eraSumireTeru-master.zip02.10.2018 07:1381428.39kB
eratohoLiG-master.zip02.10.2018 07:1314887.76kB
EraTohoYMAEM-master.zip02.10.2018 07:1410741.85kB
eraJK-master.zip02.10.2018 07:14691.19kB
eraTYPE-MOON-master.zip02.10.2018 07:141415.54kB
eraGvT-master.zip02.10.2018 07:141995.13kB
eraKanColleSJ-master.zip02.10.2018 07:1421383.67kB
eraH-master.zip02.10.2018 07:153969.8kB
eraKamihama-master.zip02.10.2018 07:153520.59kB
EraMeiQGaiden-master.zip02.10.2018 07:152538.81kB
eraPaS-master.zip02.10.2018 07:15515.1kB
eraQueen-master.zip02.10.2018 07:151405.5kB
eraTohloveKH-master.zip02.10.2018 07:152525.8kB
eraTW-FGO-master.zip02.10.2018 07:153263.82kB
eraTW-GENESIS-ReStart-master.zip02.10.2018 07:153539.24kB
eraVIPRPG-master.zip02.10.2018 07:16987.34kB
eraWiz-master.zip02.10.2018 07:161554.87kB
tentacle-palace-eng-release.zip19.10.2018 09:285168.75kB
tentacle-palace-master.zip12.11.2018 03:215100.1kB
eraSQN-master.zip31.01.2019 09:108306.47kB
EraTohoYMAEM-eng-release.zip01.05.2019 06:5815507.28kB
eratohoTW-eng-release.zip05.05.2019 06:4629919.9kB
eratohoreverse-pedy.zip12.04.2020 06:5816169.91kB
eraMaouEX-master.zip15.06.2020 15:273005.57kB
eraAWT-eng-dev.zip17.01.2021 13:415379.74kB
eraAS-eng-dev.zip17.01.2021 13:424268.9kB
eraAkumaMaid-eng-dev.zip14.03.2021 08:5510967.49kB
ReverseTentaclePalace-eng-dev.zip14.03.2021 08:566181.02kB
eraAS-eng-release.zip29.06.2021 10:274269.82kB
eraFGO-K-master.zip26.07.2021 17:1681637.5kB
eraSDMprotoNTR-master.zip06.05.2022 03:386549.46kB
eratohoPM-master.zip08.06.2022 05:371505.96kB
eratohoTW-eng-dev.zip08.12.2022 11:3476145.81kB
EraTohoYMAEM-eng-dev.zip08.12.2022 11:3816469.51kB
eraTohoK-master.zip08.12.2022 11:3950540.2kB
eraAL-K-master.zip08.12.2022 11:4515027.65kB
eraMegaten-master.zip28.01.2023 02:57122783.63kB